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Founded in late 2016, Topic Runway Initiative (TRI) was created in response to the opportunity gap in the United States. Scholarly literature and our team’s field research point to similar origins. Socio-economic factors such as community segregation, family stability, and education level dramatically limit learning opportunities, and the widening disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots” seems to underlie many of our country’s issues and debates. TRI’s intent is not to pick any sides; it is merely to inform and empower people to make decisions, communicate effectively, and grow from experience.

Vision: Use an accessible, customized framework to increase individual mobility by engaging personal interests (Topic), building skills through project experience (Runway), and improving community dialogue (Initiative)

Mission: Provide a free resource pool and exploration space that empowers individuals to leverage personal expertise in order to build skills, gain experience, and enjoy learning.