Ready for Liftoff!

Welcome to Topic Runway Initiative, a free environment to explore, learn and grow!

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The TRI network, a powerful collaboration between its core teamcommunity advisors, and sponsors, is in the process of preparing a timeline for a June launch event. We want to make sure that our Resource Pool and TRI Challenges are fully charged and ready. If you are interested in helping its development by joining us as a teammate, advisor, or beta-tester, send an email to

In the meantime, we will be as transparent as possible about our schedule:

Progress to Date
As a team, we have collected years of informal user research around education and entertainment that led to this entrepreneurial response and timeline. In executing our plan, we have begun anchoring our program to scientific literature, pooling resources for the TRI website, and establishing a robust network of idea sharers and advisors. We have also drafted assessment metrics and TRI Challenges that will make up most of our intended pilot studies.

60 Day
Our short-term strategy builds off the progress we have already made with advisor networking and field research. In February, we will run focus groups to help filter initial pilot targets. In March, we plan to market a purposeful experience to our initial pilot participants, including the TRI resource pool that we will seek to improve daily.

6 Month
Our medium-term goal is to complete several pilots, including some meta-pilots (designed projects for building parts of TRI). This will involve running multiple Topic and Runway Challenges, adjusting appropriate tools and metrics with each completed project. We expect this to take roughly two months (April and May 2017), before we will have the framework to phase in the Initiative Challenge and its additive revenue model. By July 2017, we hope to announce a public launch event, which will aim to extend TRI outreach and funding.

1 Year +
Our long-term goals will be to improve the whole system, from the resource pool and learning assessments to the TRI Challenges and consulting output. We intend to use the same act and react framework that TRI promotes to maintain a sustainable business, which we hope to grow by transforming user awareness into demand. When funding and demand reach a considerable level, we will consider a physical space and additional employees.